Speaking Events

Natasja can serve you and your organization as a

Keynote Speaker
Radio, Podcast or Television Featured Guest
Topic Specific Seminars and Workshops. 

Natasja presents the Let'S EXplain topic-specific events at schools, churches and organizations worldwide.

Guest Speaker

Natasja helps youth understand that their choices of today affect their future.
Young people need to consider the consequences of their choices and to explore their dreams for the future.

Depending on the topic, the seminars are presented to boys and girls together or separately. The organization can indicate their language option, either English or Afrikaans.  

Let'S Explain Topics:
-Let'S EXplain Pornography and Sexting
-Teen Workshop - covering puberty and sex - for boys
-Teen Workshop - covering puberty and sex - for girls
-Bullying - Resilience in the face of adversity
-Positive Decision Making - for middle and high school audiences
-Being Smart with Smart Devices - for middle and high school audiences
-Soulmate or Soul Ties
-Sex is God's Idea - perfect for church youth groups 

Grade 6 - 8
Sex Education Workshop

The tween program is a biblically-based sex education program for pre-teens and teens. This is a workshop presented at schools at the request of the principles.

Parents give their permission, and Natasja will spend a day, or two half-days, with the students. The group size depends on the school, the average group size is about 80 students.

Natasja presents the program separately for boys and girls so it is tailored to answer their respective questions and discusses topics specific to their unique challenges and so they are able to ask questions freely.

Grades 6, 7 or 8 is usually when children are exposed to sex education within the school system. The lesson plan is diverse and covers a lot of topics. Schools can indicate their language option. Either English or Afrikaans presentations are available. 

Topics covered:
Reasons for sex
Boy's and girl's reproductive parts
Developing of the baby
Consequences of irresponsible sex
What is your dream?
Definition of love
Love versus lust
My body
Wet dreams
Soul ties
Why wait?

"The Talk"
Parent Seminar

This seminar aims to equip parents for how to approach “The Talk” with confidence, and to help their children make educated, sexual decisions.

It is designed to help parents to understand the importance of actively engaging with their children and to set the stage for communication regarding the topic of sex.

The Parent Seminar provides a 60 minute presentation for parents, who will walk away with four practical strategies to start the conversation today, and a 30 minute interactive Question and Answer session. 

Presented at schools, churches and community centers.