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Let’S EXplain “The Talk” Parent Group Coaching Package

Many parents struggle with how to talk about sex and body parts, yet children can engage in sexual experimentation as early as age 2. It is not uncommon for preschoolers to touch their own or their peers’ body parts, masturbate in class, or to be very interested in adult nudity. Seeing this behavior often leaves parents feeling bewildered and helpless. Talking about your daughter’s menstruation or explaining ejaculation to your son is awkward so the topic is often avoided, which leaves children feeling confused and ashamed. This program empowers parents with the know-how to talk to their kids the right way.

Do you dread talking to your kids about sex? Are you unsure of how to appropriately talk about sex and body parts with your child? Are you worried that talking about sex will give your child ideas for experimentation? Are you confused about what age you should start talking to your kids about sex? If you answered YES to any of the questions above, the Let’s Explain coaching program is for you! Six one-hour group sessions are running over six weeks. Group sizes are limited to 5 couples or ten individuals. (A discount is given to couples who join the group together.) Sessions are held at my practice or via Zoom.    

Topics covered in this package:
Start With The End In Mind
Parent-Child Relationship
Your Message
Defining Love
The Brain and Sex
How Far Is Too Far
Dating and Relationships
The World Has Changed (How To Fight Against Society)
My Body is Changing "The Talk"
Why Wait?
Your "Game Plan" 

*This program is also available in a self-paced digital format. Email Natasja below to connect to the digital program. 

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Teen Group Tutor Package

Specifically created, but not limited for, homeschooling parents. This program is very popular! This is a biblically-based sex education tutor program for teens. Have you considered buying your teenager a book to read? When I ask teenagers if they have read the book that their parents gave them, their answer will be usually be, “NO, but we looked at the pictures!”

This tutoring program is presented in an interactive and creative way for your teenager, and will have lasting effects. A fantastic add-on or upgrade to a book! There are many tutoring services out there, but have you considered a tutoring service concerning healthy sexuality?

An uninformed or wrong sexual decision can completely derail an A-student’s life. Are you unsure of how to approach the topic of sexuality? This tutoring program is grounded in God's word and teaches biblical values of sexuality, dating, and marriage. Natasja helps youth understand that their choices today affect their future. Young people need to consider the consequences of their sexual decisions and explore their dreams for the future.

The biblically-based curriculum is carefully designed for Christian teenagers in regards to sexuality. The lessons are presented to boys and girls separately to ensure a comfortable environment that allows children to ask questions freely. The lesson plans are diverse and cover many topics.

Topics covered in this package:
Reasons for Sex 
What is your dream?
Definition of Love
Love versus Lust
Soul mate versus Soul Ties
Why Wait?
The Significance of Making Choices
Biggest Erogenous Zone
Going Against Society
Risk-taking Behaviors
Consequences of Irresponsible Sex 

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Private Coaching Package

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