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Hello there. I’m Natasja. I am a Pastoral Counsellor and Certified Coach, a wife and mother to 2 kids, and someone doing her best to do a little better each day as I dedicate my days to my saviour Jesus Christ. I get the honor of helping people just like you to navigate life and feel better. People who want to solve their problems and serve Christ but aren’t sure how. To learn more about me, click below.

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Parent's Guide to "The Talk"

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What people say

"Being older than the average parent Natasja guided me as to what s trending...from jargon to ghost apps. She also has day-to-day examples as to spot and use opportunities. It s not nice to hear what we should not do but she also explains why not which helped me very much...from a topic I did not really want to discuss to something to look to and enjoy!"

- Corné Van den Heever 

"Natasja has been heaven sent to me, she really cares, really listens to one. Most importantly the practical help she gives has been a life saver for me."

- Janet Du Buisson

"Natasja has a tangible passion for sharing her knowledge and building a mentally and psychologically sound generation of future adults. She offers a refreshingly different approach to healthy relationships between parents and children, which ultimately helps you to guide your children on important life issues, because they trust you."

- Anneline Du Preez

Natasja Visser

  • Professional Counsellor (CPSC Registration: 2019P00569) 
  • Certified Live on Purpose Master Coach