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Natasja Knows How To Talk to Parents, Teens and Kids

Natasja is an experienced counselor and coach. Through her career, she has specialized in working with children, adolescents, and families. She has developed expertise in teen-parent conflict resolution, especially in the context of healthy sexuality. Natasja inspires families, couples and youth to find the extraordinary in ordinary life. Her expertise is helping families cope with day-to-day challenges and discover answers in looking at life through the lens of simplicity. Her nationality is South African and lives with her husband of 18 years and two children in Gauteng, South Africa.

Natasja works as a Family Counsellor in South Africa, registered as Advanced Religious Professional in Christian Pastoral Counselling. Her professional registration falls under CPSC and ACRP. Natasja received her honorary degree in Psychology from The University of South Africa. She also holds a Bachelor degree from The University of Pretoria, in communication and marketing.

In her early career, Natasja worked with teenagers, and young adults confronted with an unplanned pregnancy, at an Unplanned Pregnancy Counseling Centre in Pretoria, South Africa. Natasja has been a counsellor for over seven years, serving at the South Africa suicide line, (The South Africa Depression and Anxiety Group), CrossRoads Pregnancy Help Centre, serving as a pastoral counsellor at Choose Life Support Center, and running a private practice. Through her private practice, Natasja Visser Counselling Centre, Natasja developed, Let'S EXplain coaching program. The program assists parents and teenagers with practical guidance to navigate through a risky world filled with sexual imagery and sexual exploitations. Her online learning platform (Let’S EXplain Learning Centre) empowers parents and kids to have positive conversations about sexual decisions. Natasja is a certified Live on Purpose Coach and established her coaching practice on the foundation of positivity. Natasja serves international families as a coach and inspires families, couples and youth to find the extraordinary in ordinary life.

As an engaging speaker, coach, counselor and trainer. Natasja assists youth and their parents to tackle hard choices today that will ultimately propel them into a thriving future.

Subscribe to the Let'S EXplain YouTube Channel
Subscribe to the Let'S EXplain YouTube Channel

Natasja can serve you and your organization as a:

  • Keynote Speaker
  • Radio or Television Featured Guest
  • Live On Purpose Certified Coach
  • Tutor
  • Advanced Religious Professional in Christian Pastoral Counsellor
  • Natasja's specialized programs include:
  • Let's explain "the talk" - for parents
  • Teen Coaching program - for boys
  • Teen Coaching program - for girls
  • Positive Decision Making - for middle and high school audiences
  • She presents the Let'S EXplain programs at schools, churches and organizations worldwide.

What people say


"Being older than the average parent Natasja guided me as to what s trending...from jargon to ghost apps. She also has day-to-day examples as to spot and use opportunities. It s not nice to hear what we should not do but she also explains why not which helped me very much...from a topic I did not really want to discuss to something to look to and enjoy!"

- Corné Van den Heever | Jul 14, 2019


"Natasja has a tangible passion for sharing her knowledge and building a mentally and psychologically sound generation of future adults. She offers a refreshingly different approach to healthy relationships between parents and children, which ultimately helps you to guide your children on important life issues, because they trust you."

- Anneline Du Preez |

Natasja Visser

  • Professional Counsellor (CPSC Registration: 2019P00569) 
  • Certified Live on Purpose Master Coach

Let's Connect: One-on-One Session with Natasja Visser


NEW Let'S EXplain Just for Teens Digital program includes:

-Most important sex organ

-Pornography and Sexting

-Dating and Relationships

-Body, Soul and Spirit

-Planning for your Future

-Wise Decision Making

Just for Teens Program has been specially created for today's teenager

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