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Private Counselling session

Natasja Visser

Professional Pastoral Counsellor (CPSC Registration: 2019P00569) 

Services Include

  • Marriage counselling
  • Family Coaching
  • Helping teenager struggling with sexuality
  • Work life balance
  • Living a debt free life
  • Resolving relationship conflict
  • Reducing anxiety and stress
  • Coping with life's challenges
  • Depression recovery
  • Talking to your children about sex
  • Assistance during a time of loss
  • Crisis management

Private Coaching session

Natasja Visser

Certified Live on Purpose Master Coach


This seminar aims to equip parents, to approach “the talk” with confidence and to help their children to make educated sexual decisions. This seminar is designed to help parents understand the importance of engaging with their children. It teaches parents how to create interesting opportunities to talk with...



Natasja inspires families, couples and youth to find the extraordinary in ordinary life. She offer parents and teenagers practical guidance to navigate through a world filled with sexual imagery and sexual exploitations. Her coaching programs inspire her client to approach their sexual decisions positively...


Many parents struggle with how to talk about sex and body parts yet they begin to see sexual experimentation as early as 2 years old. It is not uncommon for preschoolers to touch their own or their peers’ body parts, masturbate in class or be very interested in adult nudity. Seeing this behavior often leaves parents...


The tween program is a biblically-based sex education program for pre-teens. This is a workshop presented at schools at the request of the principles. Parent give their permission, and I will spend a day or two half days with the students. The group size depends on the school. Normally the average group size is...


Natasja helps high school individuals understand that their choices of today affect their future. The young person needs to consider the consequences of their sexual choices and explore their dreams for the future. The lesson is presented to boys and girls together. Schools can indicate their language option, either English...


The workshop is a half day small group experience, with like-minded parents that take their children's future sexual decisions seriously. Come learn how to approach “the talk” positively and get practical tips and strategies to talk to with your children...


There are many tutoring services out there, but have you considered a tutoring service with regard to healthy sexuality? An uninformed or wrong sexual decision can completely derail an A-students life. Are you unsure of how to approach the topic of sexuality? This tutoring program is grounded...


Some students don't want to be part of a group, then you can invest in individual tutor sessions and we arrange the amount of session according to your specific needs.

Natasja Visser

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