Teen Group Tutor Program

Specifically created, but not limited to homeschooling parents. This program is very popular!

This is a biblically-based sex education tutor program for teens.

Have you considered buying your teenager a book to read? Most of the times when I ask teenagers if they read the book their parents gave them, their answer will be NO, but we looked at the pictures!

This tutoring program is interactively and creatively presented for your teenager and will have lasting effects. A fantastic add on or upgrade to a book!

  • There are many tutoring services out there, but have you considered a tutoring service with regard to healthy sexuality? An uninformed or wrong sexual decision can completely derail an A-students life. Are you unsure of how to approach the topic of sexuality? This tutoring program is grounded in God's word and teaches biblical values of sexuality, dating and marriage.
  • I help youth understand that their choices of today affect their future. The young person needs to consider the consequences of their sexual decisions and explore their dreams for the future.
  • The biblical based curriculum is carefully designed for Christian teenagers with regard to sexuality.
  • The lessons are presented to boys and girls separately to ensure a comfortable environment that allows children to ask questions freely. The lesson plan is diverse and is covering many topics

Topics covered in this session:

  • Reasons for sex
  • What is your dream
  • Definition of love
  • Love versus lust
  • Soul mate versus Soul ties
  • Pornography
  • Why wait?
  • The significance of making choices
    Biggest erogenous zone
  • Going against society
  • Risk-taking behaviours
  • Consequences of irresponsible sex

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