"The Talk" Parents Seminar

This seminar aims to equip parents, to approach “the talk” with confidence and to help their children to make educated sexual decisions. This seminar is designed to help parents understand the importance of engaging with their children.

It teaches parents how to create interesting opportunities to talk with their children.

Natasja helps parents to actively engage their children, with the focus on setting the stage for communication regarding the sex topic.

  • Sixty minutes presentation, for parents that will walk away with four practical strategies to start the conversation today.
  • 30 minutes interactive Question and Answer session

Presented at schools, churches and community centres.

  • Our children holistic wellness is essential and healthy understanding of their sexuality is at the centre of a successful and content life.
  • Come and learn more about how you can help your child understand healthy sexuality. You will have an opportunity to ask questions on the healthy sexuality program that will be presented at school for your grade 5 to grade 7 children later this year.
  • This promise to be an informative event with practical advice presented by Natasja Visser, professional counsellor and teacher in the area of sexuality.
  • Natasja's goal is to help your teenager understand that their choices today will end up in their past and someday will catch-up with them in the future.

Topics covered in parent’s session:

  • How to approach "The talk."
  • Defining love
  • How to engage your child
  • Pornography and technology
  • Is my child too young for "the talk"?
  • Q&A regards to children's healthy sexuality program

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