SELF PACED COURSE: "The Talk" Parents Course

Let’S EXplain “The Talk” Parents Digital Program

In this course, we will get really clear on how to start a positive conversation with your child when it comes to the sensitive topic of sex and intimacy. We will delve into the strategies, tips, and tricks that will help you to start positive, productive and fun interactive conversations with your child.

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What you'll learn

At the end of the program, you will have a complete game plan to tackle this sometimes uncomfortable topic with confidence.

Parent-Child Relationship

You will find the answers to why kids do not talk to their parent about sex and why parents avoid the topic. Answers to the big question “When should I start talking to my child about sex?”

Your Message

You will be challenged to consider if your message is positive or negative when you approach the topic of sex.

The Brain And Sex

You will learn the differences between sex drive, romantic love and lasting love. 

How Far Is Too Far?

Natasja draws your attention to an important distinction between safe boundaries and a prison.

Dating And Relationships

The four important conversations to have with your child by the time they are “ready” to go on dates. 


How to navigate the pitfalls and unknown exposures your child might face in the online world. 

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"Being older than the average parent Natasja guided me as to what s trending...from jargon to ghost apps. She also has day-to-day examples as to spot and use opportunities. It s not nice to hear what we should not do but she also explains why not which helped me very much...from a topic I did not really want to discuss to something to look to and enjoy!


A Word From Your Coach

“I love working with Families. I created this program to assists parents with practical guidance to help their children navigate through a risky world filled with sexual imagery and sexual exploitations. I assist youth and their parents to tackle hard choices today that will ultimately propel them into a thriving future.”


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