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How to Start Talking About Sex with Your Child Webinar

Get access to Natasja Visser's FREE 45 minute introductory video seminar (Value $47) on how to talk about sex in a positive manner that will empower your child to make the wise decisions.

Webinar Content:

  • How to keep the talk positive and not "icky"
  • How early should you talk to your child about sex
  • Give your child a reason why they should wait
  • Setting the goal of a relationship with a purpose
  • How safeguarding your child today prepares them for a better future
  • Protecting your child from porn

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(Value $47) on How to Have "The Talk" with Your Child

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Natasja Visser

  • Professional Counsellor (CPSC Registration: 2019P00569) 
  • Certified Live on Purpose Master Coach

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